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Around the world. Together.

Why a website.jpg

That's great, but what is Museo aero solar?

Holy wow, it's totally a thing.

Citizen Science

Take aerial photographs!

Community Art Project

Organize a community event

Disaster events

I don't know what this means, but someone asked for it.

Existing Stories

Thru the entrance.jpg

This is already a thing that's being done. Here are awesome stories.

  • Intiñán : Lima Peru : quick summary
  • etc.

Make one!

Overview of what goes into building one.

Deeper detail in English, en Español

Join us!

We are so excited to expand (get it? because air expands when hot? anyway...), and hope you'll join us in creating the physical object as well as the digital story.

Mailing list set up and instructions
  • Our shared planning calendar can be found here.

Where do I start on this wiki?

Everything on this wiki is licensed under Creative Commons Non Commercial Attribution Share Alike.

  • Introduce yourself : if you're logged in, you'll see your username in the upper right corner. I bet it's red. If you click on that, and create page, you can introduce yourself. You can see who all is active on the wiki via the Active Users page.
  • Upload images : see over to the left? You can upload images there. So amazing!
  • Plans for the future : What do you want to do in the future? Add your ideas!
  • Tell stories : Add 'em to the Existing Stories section on this page.
  • Translation : The more ways we express ourselves, the higher chance we have to be understood.
  • Edits : Fix things for clarity. Fix things for spelling. I know I messed up a bunch of stuff on this page, and that's just one.
  • Categorization : This makes it easier to find things. The list of categories is here. Don't see something you should? In a continuing trend - add it!

The main thing with a wiki is to be bold. Make the edits you think should be made. Make the content you want to make. Trust that we, your compatriots, will have your back in spell checking, editing, and clarification. Also trust that when people edit what you wrote, they do it with the interest of the project at heart. When this fails, and for general discussion, visit the discussion page. If you have requests for wiki additions such as batch image upload, please list them on the requests page.