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What happens on our mailing list. Find the repository here.

How to Join

send a mail to

register via (!forum/museo-aero-solar this webpage)

Welcome Message

Welcome to Museo Aero Solar mailing list! We are a group of polygeographic, multilingual global citizens dedicated to the planet's future, artistic expression, and community.

DISCUSSION happens on this mailing list, which you can invite anyone to join by suggesting they:

  • go to this web page(1) and register, or
  • by mailing

This list is where we have discussion. Whatever comes out of discussion that merits documenting (“we decided to take SPECIFIC STEPS so we can go to EVENT on DAY”) goes in the documentation section.

During the process of registering for the mailing list, people are asked why they are interested (immediate storytelling!).

These mailing list instructions, including any changes, will live on the wiki(2).

DOCUMENTATION of stories and process will happen on a wikimedia instance located at its temporary home(3).

On the home page are encouragements to add specific things to start, like stories, plans for the future, and images. If feeling daunted, let me know. I was thinking about making tiny animations with voiceovers for how-tos on wikis anyway. The wikimedia community is vibrant and loves documenting explanations(4)(5).

To see what’s changed on the Wiki, visit the Recent Changes page(6). These changes will also post to the mailing list as a daily summary, once I figure out how to do that.

SCHEDULING will happen on a Google Calendar. But — phew — all that talking and documenting is to a purpose. Most everyone in this seeding group has a gmail address, so I assume Google Calendar is a good route. Want to have a shared repair day? To propose an event to inspire people at? This shared calendar is the way to do that. If you are comfortable having ownership of the calendar (being able to invite new people directly, but also the power to accidentally delete an event for everyone), please let me know and I’ll add you.

  • How to add it to your own google calendar.
  • Adding events the whole group can see.

These are all temporary homes. Discussion about best tools will be ongoing(7), with the arbitrary deadline of June 1 for figuring out a better plan. In the meantime, the creation of content will shape what that best platform is.

In all of this, please be kind and welcoming. I don’t know how you wouldn’t be, but it merits being explicit.