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Public space

In conversations about where else we could launch this. Big, no trees, etc.

Events start at 11a or 2p. We could do morning or noon.

Friday to Wednesday schedule. Later morning is available.

  • public: who is audience :
  • weather: Lima has microclimates :
  • space to work : how large a space do we need :
  • timing :

Triangle park in front of club

Would that work?


plant parade. Starts at 11a Snday.


where people paraglide. - Too Windy


Same place as fablab. People present are only those participating.

Saturday morning.

Post working on it overnight Friday night.

‘’’this is set as our test’’’



Share on public channels

Join us on Friday at the hackathon! We’ll test it out the following morning

  • Point to those in uni dorms


Saturday 11:45

Poster edits

Sharing presentations

If you want to be more informed about this, invite something dependent upon environment, you can’t launch from here. ANALOGY?! MAYBE. But we are here, will invite you to somewhere where it could take off.

Country Club discussion

How things work (or don’t) there.

Concerns about country club. Sun won’t hit in time, closed off by walls. Windy on ground will break it. Early morning doesn’t have much wind.